New Website! (Phase 1)

Dale Hollow Winery is pleased to announce a new and improved website!


We have been working diligently on it for the past few weeks, because let’s face it, it’s too cold to prune! Like most things with the winery, this was a DIY project, and we are still learning the ways of building websites. We think building vineyards might be easier! 

What has changed? 

1) Shop Page (Virtual Winery)

From this page, you will be able to see the full portfolio of our wines and merchandise along with detailed descriptions and tasting notes. Please note: It is NOT available for viewing immediately but will be open within a few months following this post. Because.. there is another big change to the “look” of our wines coming this year, which will be featured on the shop page, and once all that is finalized we will update and publish it (Phase 2). Also within the year, we will be able to note which wines are available in the winery.. AND which can be shipped (Phase 3)! (Within the state of Missouri) 

2) Events

A page dedicated to upcoming events with descriptions. Feel free to bookmark the page to always be “in the know”! We will also post events on Facebook and occasionally in the local newspaper.

3) Blog

The blog is moving to this new platform and as always, will feature narrative and pictures of the many adventures at Dale Hollow. The previous chronological narrative of 2012-2018 will stay intact where it’s at as an “archive” of sorts. It is linked at the top of our new blog page and will continue to be available for viewing.

4) Retailers

We now have a page dedicated to the retail outlets that feature Dale Hollow Wine. Now you can easily figure out where to find us when you can’t make it to the winery! Interested in having our wine closer to your home? We love hearing suggestions of stores that might be interested in featuring our wine. 

5) New Email Address

This is related to the new website and we wanted to let you know to update your contact information. The new address that is best for contacting us is:

6) Newsletter 

Visitors can now sign up for our newsletter directly from the website. Once or twice per month at most, we will send newsletters about upcoming events or other special announcements. These will now be coming from the address shown in number 5 above, so don’t be surprised when you see a new name in the “from” line; it’s still us! 

Please feel free to peruse the new site and we really do hope you like it! We will continue to update it and improve it as we get more experience and listen to feedback from users. Of course, we are already anticipating Phase 2 and Phase 3!

Now to start pruning...