Dale Hollow: A Family Affair

Dale Hollow Winery began with a story about a family that has lived in the quaint Missouri community of Stover for multiple generations. Asher and Jesse Dale, with their wives Ana and Katy, came up with the idea in 2012 and planted the first grapes in the spring of 2013 on land that has been in the family since the 1950s, originally belonging to their grandfather, Melvin Dale. His son, Kenny (the brothers’ dad) now helps with every step of vineyard management on land he grew up baling hay on, while the brothers’ mom, Beth, works alongside them in multiple facets. She found an outlet for her love of art by drawing all the wine labels.

The tasting room opened for a partial season in June of 2016 and for the first full season in early spring, 2017. Read more about the full background from the “Storybook Red” product page, a wine and label close to our hearts that celebrates this family tradition.

Our vineyard now has eight grape varietals planted on approximately 15 acres and every step of the process is handled on-site: planting, pruning, harvesting, crushing, pressing, fermenting, bottling, ageing, and tasting. Thankfully, we have received help from family, extended family, and friends every step of the way. We will be eternally grateful to all of those who have put on the gloves, picked up a shovel, or pruning sheers, and planted and harvested buckets of grapes with us. Here’s a glimpse of how life in the Hollow looks in a given year:

“Our mission is to have a place to be enjoyed with family and friends; sharing fine wine and laughter in the community we love. Dale Hollow is a name, but as the logo suggests, it captures a bit of nature, some imagination, and a story that is still in the early chapters.”